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Interested in a Career in Online Learning?

Consider Studying Educational Technology at Concordia University in Montreal

Some of the unsung heroes of education these days are educational technologists and instructional designers. Educational (Instructional) Technology is a specialized area of study in education that focuses on the design of materials for instructional and related purposes, the integration of technology in educational settings, and the issues related to technology in education.

People with educational and instructional technology degrees work as instructional designers and developers, faculty development consultants, product designers, senior educational consultants, and project managers in corporations, universities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and schools. Demand for educational technologists has risen with the pandemic, but is expected to remain high afterwards.

Concordia University in Montreal offers two programs in this field: A Master of Arts (MA) in Educational Technology and a Graduate Diploma (GDip) in Instructional Technology.

These programs prepare students:
•       To design instructional and other types of materials, and provides opportunities to practice through project-based courses.
•       To ensure designs are evidence-based through preparation in research methods.
•       To ensure that instructional strategies address the realities of human learning and cognition through preparation in learning theories.
•       To ensure that the instruction is clear, through preparation in communication skills—.
•       For specific real-world challenges through preparation in using production tools, designing games, consulting, administration, and evaluation of educational programs.
•       To apply what they have learned through a choice of capstone options:
o   Internship option—to launch your career
o   (Master’s only) A thesis equivalent option for those with experience—a project you can apply within the context of your work and that involves advanced applications
o   (Master’s only) A thesis option for those who want to continue on a research path

Students enter these programs with bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields, including communications, human systems intervention, industrial engineering,  journalism, political science, professional writing, psychology, and sociology.

For complete information about the program, admissions requirements, and application procedures, visit: https://www.concordia.ca/academics/graduate/educational-technology-ma.html.

Applications are due December 1, 2020 but we will accept them as late as January 15, 2021.

For more information, contact our Education Graduate Program Assistant at education.gpa at concordia.ca<mailto:education.gpa at concordia.ca>

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