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Jason Hannan, ed. Meatsplaining: The Animal Agriculture Industry and the Rhetoric of Denial. Sydney University Press, 2020.



The animal agriculture industry, like other profit-driven industries, aggressively seeks to shield itself from public scrutiny. To that end, it uses a distinct set of rhetorical strategies to deflect criticism. These tactics are fundamental to modern animal agriculture, but have long evaded critical analysis. In this collection, academic and activist contributors investigate the many forms of denialism perpetuated by the animal agriculture industry. What strategies does the industry use to avoid questions about its inhumane treatment of animals and its impact on the environment and public health? What narratives, myths and fantasies does it promote to sustain its image in the public imagination?


“Meatsplaining equips us to identify the lies at the heart of animal agriculture. It’s an excellent and timely compilation on an exceedingly vexing problem.’ – Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat and Burger

“Professor Hannan has masterfully assembled works from brilliant scholars who expose and challenge the spurious and dangerous rationalizations spewed by those industries that profit from unspeakable suffering and global destruction. This powerful, timely and essential work will no doubt help to facilitate the awareness and resistance necessary for the creation of a truly sustainable global food system and a more just future for all.” – David Nibert, author of Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict

“Meatsplaining is the first book to give an apt name to the animal agriculture industry’s relentless campaign of disinformation and denialism. Written in a clear, lively, and accessible style, it will surely educate the public about the horrors of animal agriculture.” – Marc Bekoff, author of The Animals’ Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age

“Cruelty thrives in secrecy, and the meat industry is highly skilled at concealing the routine abuse and misery that flourishes on modern farms. Meatsplaining cuts through the spin, and exposes the meat industry's massive PR machine. It explores how Big Meat uses language, obfuscation, and denial to misdirect the public's attention away from its commodification of sentient animals, environmental devastation, and the looming health crisis caused by eating animals. This book is a must-read for animal advocates, and anyone else who no longer wants to be lied to.” – Camille Labchuk, Executive Director, Animal Justice

“This book provides a necessary corrective to the fantasy world created by meat industry propaganda. As we grapple with a global zoonotic pandemic and biodiversity crisis, it is urgent for us to reject the capitalist phantasmagoria of meat production and consumption, and start thinking clearly about who and what is on our plates." – John Sorenson, Department of Sociology, Brock University
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