[acc-cca-l] New Open Access Publication: Moving Images: Mediating Migration as Crisis

Krista Lynes krista.lynes at concordia.ca
Fri May 8 09:07:21 MDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Although this book is about a crisis other than the one that’s at the top of the news these days, we are nevertheless very pleased to announce the publication of a new anthology, Moving Images: Mediating Migration as Crisis, out now with Transcript Verlag. The book is available for purchase, and as a free Open Access pdf here <https://www.transcript-publishing.com/978-3-8376-4827-0/moving-images/>. 

The book, which emerges out a series of conferences and collaborations, examines (through forms of academic and artistic inquiry) the mediation of migration as crisis in Europe, leading up to and following the events of 2015-16. It examines the visual regime, the politics of making, the surveillance regimes, news reportage, curatorial practices, counterforensics, activist interventions that constitute the contested field of representation of migration and migratory bodies. 

The book includes contributions by Sandro Mezzadra, Allan deSouza, Zineb Sedira, Tyler Morgenstern, Bishnupriya Ghosh, Ian Alan Paul, Charles Heller & Lorenzo Pezzani, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Thomas Nail, Thomas Keenan & Sohrab Mohebbi, Banu Cennetoglu, Abdessamad el Montassir, Veronika Zablotsky, Farah Atoui, Krista Lynes, Suzana Milevskaa, Sophia Zachariadi, and LGBTQIA+ Refugees in Greece.

We would be grateful if you shared the news in your relevant networks!

Krista Lynes, Tyler Morgenstern, and Ian Alan Paul

Book description:
Moving Images: Mediating Migration as Crisis
Krista Lynes, Tyler Morgenstern, Ian Alan Paul (Eds.)

In recent years, spectacular images of ruined boats, makeshift border camps, and beaches littered with life vests have done much to consolidate the politics of movement in Europe. Indeed, the mediation of migration as a crisis has worked to shore up various forms of militarized surveillance, humanitarian response, legislative action, and affective investment. Bridging academic inquiry and artistic and activist practice, the essays, documents, and artworks gathered in Moving Images interrogate the mediation of migration and refugeeism in the contemporary European conjuncture, asking how images, discourses, and data are involved in shaping the visions and experience of migration in increasingly global contexts.

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