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Anne Pasek aep383 at nyu.edu
Sun Jan 10 08:19:18 MST 2021


I’m pleased to announce the 2021 Low Carbon Methods & Media Lecture Series, a set of discussions for the coming semester exploring how climate change not only stands to alter what we study, but also how we do so.

Through short and conversational exchanges, the series will explore the prospects for more climate-safe research methods and media practices in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as well as the practical barriers and social and aesthetic norms challenged thereby.

As a nod to diminished energies everywhere, the events will run under an hour and have a more conversational tone. Participants can register via the links below.

This information is also posted at https://www.annepasek.com/low-carbon-methods-media for ease of sharing.


January 18th - 12pm EST - Johan Gärdebo
Liftoff Holocene – Touchdown Anthropocene: Academics reflect on carbon-intensive scholarship in the early 21st century
Registration Link: https://trentu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMscu2orDguG9bKW30emjyhnYSUJCmvzktZ

February 9th - 1pm EST - Laura U. Marks, with Stephan Makonin, Alejandro Rodriguez-Silva, and Radek Przedpełski
Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media: Research in IT Engineering
Registration Link: https://trentu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrc-uorTgsHtXKBh3lIGNCE4Kus8rYj1Gt

March 9 - 1pm EST - Radek Przedpełski, with Laura U. Marks, Stephan Makonin, and Alejandro Rodriguez-Silva
Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media: The Small File Media Festival
Registration Link: https://trentu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEqfu6pqjwuG9X_fldmOf4vsCcSu3p5dykY

April 7 – 1 pm EST - Cindy Lin
Minimal Cloud: A Postcolonial (Low Carbon) Approach to Environmental Data Infrastructure and Computing
Registration Link: https://trentu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUqd-mtrjsiG9yzq3F9FopUbK01pCdnLWXK

April 14th – 11 am EST - Hannah Knox
An Autoethnography of Academic Carbon
Registration Link: https://trentu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEsd-qgrDIqG92lpkQSw71iuptuo9m2X82f
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