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>From the Hope 2 Opportunity club:


The Hope 2 Opportunity (H2O) club is proud to present you with the first ever 3km Water Walk. The 3
km Water Walk is an event on Sept 20 11am-2pm that is a simulation depicting half of the strenuous
distance that people in developing countries must walk in order to obtain water.  With the Water
Walk, we aim to raise awareness, especially among our youth, about our own water usage and develop
an understanding of water issues in developing issues. 


In this event, participants will carry a jug of water and walk a 3km route, starting at the TFDL
Quad, along which there will be educational and engaging trivia stations that intend to bring
awareness to our participants about water issues around the world, particularly juxtaposing the
developed and developing nations.


The cost per participant is $5 prior to Saturday, Sept 20. And registration on the day of Sept 20
will cost $10. Also, please note that if you plan on bringing your own milk jugs to the Water Walk,
you will be reimbursed $2 on the day of. 

All proceeds from this event will go to CAWST, a locally-based organization that seeks to promote
water sanitation in developing countries. Additionally, food and drinks will be provided to all
participants. Also lunch will be provided to all participants for no additional charge. 

Sign up to participate here: 

Sign up to volunteer here: 

For any questions or concerns, please email hope2opportunity at gmail.com. 

We sincerely look forward to having you at the Water Walk. 


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