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>From students in ENTI 381:


To whom it may concern,


Are you looking for or interested in screen-printed clothing to promote your club? We are students
from an ENTI 381 class who have been tasked with starting a new business, and we have decided to
focus on creating customized clothing for small businesses and university clubs. Shirts are
available in a range of colours and sizes and can be customized with any design of your choosing,
including your original artwork, in multiple locations on the shirt. We offer a bulk discount as
well as competitive prices for all orders - all of us are University of Calgary students, and
several of us are even members of clubs, so we understand the financial strain that organizations
like yours can be under.


If you are at all interested or if you have any questions/comments, please do not hesitate to reach
us at hagilles at me.com.


Thanks, and good luck with any midterms you still have!


- ENTI 381 Group 3 (Holly G, Alexis A, Kristy A, Kristian B, David L, and Josh P)

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