[SUclubs-l] Calgary Events for 16 Afghan Civilians Massacred - Friday 16 (12pm and 8pm)

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Thu Mar 15 12:11:11 MDT 2012

Dear SU clubs,

On Sunday morning March 11, 16 innocent Afghan civilians were murdered by
an American soldier in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The civilians, nine of whom
were children under six, were shot, wrapped in blankets and set on fire.

The Afghan Canadian Students’ Association, in collaboration with on-campus
activist groups along with the global community, has dedicated this
upcoming Friday March 16 for commemorating the loss of those innocent
lives. The following two events is held tomorrow Friday March 16: A Silence
Protest at University of Calgary at Noon and a Candlelight Vigil in front
of City Hall building at 8pm in the evening.

Please join us on *Friday 16 at Noon by the Jugo Juice MacEwan Hall* in
wearing black to together stand in solidarity for justice and peace in
Afghanistan, demanding an impartial investigation on this tragic incident
and the Harper government to hold US government responsible for its ongoing
insolence actions. We will have a banner and boombox with us marching
through the campus. Please feel free to bring signs, banners, or posters
with you.

Also, do not forget to join us later in the evening at *8pm at City Hall
for the Candlelight Vigil* to mourn and honor the deaths of the innocent
Afghan civilians. Candles will be provided. Again, please bring with you
any poetry, song, prayer, or anti-war slogans that you would wish to recite
through a megaphone.

We so much look forward to your support and participation. Please spread
the message around your social circles and bring your friends and family
with you. Here is the Facebook event page:

Thank you very much and see you all very soon, Tomorrow.

In Solidarity

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