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Mon Aug 28 16:21:16 MDT 2017

Here is the slack channel to organize global loop orchestra performances.

https://join.slack.com/t/glork-globalloopork/shared_invite/MjMyODQ5MzkxMjAzLTE1MDM5NTg1MzQtOTc2MTA0NmRhOA <https://join.slack.com/t/glork-globalloopork/shared_invite/MjMyODQ5MzkxMjAzLTE1MDM5NTg1MzQtOTc2MTA0NmRhOA>

Modus Op:

Determine BPM by dividing 60000ms/latency ms
Play on the pulse
Conjunct and Disjunct latency ratios determine the rhythmic features
Loops must be sparse to allow space for other participants
Play instruments over loops
Enter one by one
Drop out as desired to listen (mix)
Stereo stream from each node: channel 1 loop; channel 2 instrument


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