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Sun May 22 19:24:25 MDT 2016

yes, we’d need a platform (like wordpress) and a domain name.
Embed youtube live and later archived videos, papers, announcements - as is customary.
But we need to go beyond customary too...

Scope, should be wide - yet with key parameters:

1. All online
2. live:now
3. Netformative? i.e. like performative, as demonstrating net knowledge;
using the network as instrument, etc. Netformance.

I’m as much interested in the music/performance aspects as
the form/formality/tech of the online conference/happening. 
Do we emulate conference processes in software (like adobe connect
or zoom). Those platforms are essentially attention mixers.

Otherwise, there are the interactive TV sites (you stream, live stream…
we all stream for ice cream :). Has live audience chat by the stream.
Youtube, Krue, Huzza, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook/Twitter Live, etc.

Beneath the level of whatever broadcast platform we use, I think we’ll 
need the P2P component of Artsmesh (high quality streams) between 
the netformers as apart from the wider netience.
Linux users could just use the jacktrip/osc/ffmpeg components - 
though I’d hate to go back to typing in ipv6 addresses. 

We don’t all need ipv6 - just me on CERNET In China...
though IPV6 would be optimal as well as a ‘higher' netform :).

Keep in mind, there should be multiple broadcasts; there won’t be
one point of view. And/Or there could be a specialized node among the participants 
whose part of the production is just the video/audio mixdown and broadcast.
But their temporal alignment in the graph would be just as essential as other players.

I think I just found a good essay: 

Aspects of Netforms: Your Search - Netforms, Netforative(ity), Netformance, Netformer, Well-Netformed, Netformic - did not match any documents."


> On May 23, 2016, at 6:43 AM, Ian Whalley <musik at waikato.ac.nz> wrote:
> Hi Ken
> Good idea, happy to help also.  
> A few quick thoughts:
> - If it was all on line (like Upstage https://upstage.org.nz/?page_id=3851 <https://upstage.org.nz/?page_id=3851>), we would need a central broadcast, repository (like a site to Youtube). 
> - Would need a refereeing process for works/papers
> - It would be great to include a wide variety of platforms (lo-fi and high-fi); as many don't have IPv6 or Research Network speeds. It might also get more folk involved if they did not need visuals also. 
> - It might be great to include wider net-music paradigms (data streams, intelligent agents etc) apart from people to people interaction. Distributed machine works also etc.
> - I wondered if net-graphics folk might also be interested (visual music), or site streaming (environmental); which might help with broader participation also?
> Cheers, Ian
> On 22 May 2016 at 23:31, Ivan Zavada <ivan.zavada at sydney.edu.au <mailto:ivan.zavada at sydney.edu.au>> wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> I think it would be a great idea to have an annual festival for networked music.
> I am particularly interested in the inter-cultural music communication creation/creativity and network music aesthetics…
> I would like to join in for the organisation of such an event.
> Regards,
> Ivan 
> Dr Ivan Zavada | Senior Lecturer
> Composition and Music Technology
> Sydney Conservatorium of Music 
> http://sydney.edu.au/music <http://sydney.edu.au/music>  
> P +61 2 9351 1323 <tel:%2B61%202%209351%201323> | F +61 2 9351 2187 <tel:%2B61%202%209351%202187>
> E ivan.zavada at sydney.edu.au <>
> Network Music Performance (NMP) International advisor
> China Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM)
> http://syneme-asia.ccom.edu.cn/wiki/pages/T5h2g5G4/Doctorate_in_Network_Music_Performance.html <http://syneme-asia.ccom.edu.cn/wiki/pages/T5h2g5G4/Doctorate_in_Network_Music_Performance.html>
> From: Ken Fields <kfields at ucalgary.ca <mailto:kfields at ucalgary.ca>>
> Date: Sunday, 22 May 2016 1:00 pm
> To: "stremes-L at mailman.ucalgary.ca <mailto:stremes-L at mailman.ucalgary.ca>" <stremes-L at mailman.ucalgary.ca <mailto:stremes-L at mailman.ucalgary.ca>>
> Subject: [Stremes-l] All Networked Network Music Festival
> Hi,
> Who has the motivation to help organize a new annual festival
> for networked music. the first international… etc.
> Discussion? The organizational form of the festival itself, as
> completely online and authoritative, would be a new challenge.
> NetMusFest start 2016 or 2017?
> All networked network music concerts and symposia
> Topics may include:
>  *    Interactive (multi-city) music performances
>     *    Remote control of music processes
>     *    Composing network music
>     *    Networked music pedagogy (master classes)
>     *    Distributed graphic scores
>     *    Inter-cultural music communication
>     *    Networked audiences
>     *    Network theory
>     *    Problems in performing music with inherent delay
>     *    Network music aesthetics    
>     *    Technical issues in producing multi-site music performances
>     *    Management issues in producing multi-site music performance
>     *    Artistic issues in the staging of multi-site music performances
> Ken
> Kenneth Fields, Ph.D.
> Professor Computer Music
> CEMC - China Electronic Music Center
> Central Conservatory of Music
> 43 BaoJia Street
> Beijing 100031 China,
> Email: ken at ccom.edu.cn <mailto:ken at ccom.edu.cn>
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> Tel:    13701188130
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