[Stremes-l] Updates March 2016

Kenneth Fields kfields at ucalgary.ca
Thu Mar 24 21:23:22 MDT 2016

Just pinging the group to see if there’s any recent activity to report?

Calgary, Beijing and Indiana are having weekly meetings over ipv6 to test new ideas.
We’re working on a multimetric piece (polychrony).
3 nodes, 2 musicians in each node, gives 3 pairs each playing at different BPM.
Expect moments of converging/phasing to signal transitions.
Ethan might have more to say about that.

Artsmesh application has added IPV6 support for Oscgroups now.
Also, FFMPEG streaming two ways (DUAL mode) over ipv6 (h.264).
Artsmesh is IPV6 complete now (Also running Jacktrip IPV6 version 1.1).

Jack Audio on El Capitan just moved to 0.92 beta3 I noticed. 
I’ve been using beta1 and have been having some noise issues.
Also, had trouble yesterday doing more than 4 channels in jacktrip???
Anybody else having issues with Jack audio on El Capitan?

Another exciting development is to include Kansas City 
(1 gig up/down google fiber IPV6) in our tests. 

Like to hear from you,

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