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List Description
akpsi-members-L AKPsi member list
algebraic-geometry-L Algebraic Geometry mail list, UCalgary
alta-logic-l Alberta Logic Mailing List
aupe-L AUPE Local 52 Mailing List
automorphic-representations-L Research group on Automorphic Representations
awm-L Association for Women in Math
basall-L PeopleSoft FIN/MM users
casexv-L CASE XV Conference Leaders List
chacmool-L Archaeological Association Info & Communication
childcareall-L All interested in childcare
childcareplanning-L Childcare Planning Group membership
childcaresteering-L Childcare Facility Steering Group membership
cira-L CIRA email
clinical-trialists-L This mailing list is to facilitate communication about clinical research in the Faculty of Medicine and AHS.
complexity-science-seminars-L Complexity Science Seminar Announcements
computer-science-internship-alumni-L Computer Science Internship Alumni
csevents-L Career Services Events
datagatheringsh-L Student Project - Data Gathering Process
datavisualizationmeetup-L Monthly data visualization meetup hosted by LCR
dod-eng-L Directors of Development in Engineering
eduevents-l University of Calgary Taylor Institute News and Events
efwraw06-L Effective Writing 'A' Section AW02
efwraw12-L Effective Writing 'A' Sec AW12
ench3rd-L List of Chemical Engineering third year students
ench4th-L List of Chemical Engineering fourth year students
energy-system-seminar-L Energy & Environmental Systems Seminar
engg-cess-L Members of Chemical Engineering Student Society
engl237l16-L Intro to Drama
engl395l03-L Speculative Fiction II: Fantasy
fmg-L Financial Management Group
freeride-L SkiClub Freeride
frp-L Fold-Fault Research Project
fsr-assetmgmt-L PeopleSoft Asset Mgmt users
fsr-billingar-L PeopleSoft AR & Billing users
fsr-expense-L PeopleSoft Expense users & approvers
fsr-operatingapprovers-L PeopleSoft ePro operating approvers
fsr-projects-L PeopleSoft Projects users
fsr-researchapprovers-L PeopleSoft ePro research account approvers
fsw-eu-canada-project-L For HRSDC Euro Canada Project
GameStudiesClub-L Game Studies Club Mailing List
gender-L Institute for Gender Research
giftedcentre-L Gifted Education, Faculty of Education
iapr-news-L IAPR News
imm-itweb-L Imm IT
ir-program-majors-L Dist. list for International Relations Students
iseee-access-graduate-group-L ISEEE Access Graduate Group Committee
it-eme-L [no description available]
it-emg-L [no description available]
jeremy-L [no description available]
la-film-series-L Mailing List for Latin American Film Series
lastannouncements-L Latin American Studies Student Announcements
Law-Events-L UC Faculty of Law Event Information
mactech-L Macintosh Admin/Support
math-circle-list-L Math Circle program
mathcircle-l Math Circle program
mccaig-seminars-L McCaig Institute Seminar List
monitoring-L Seismic monitoring research group
non-bme-grad-students-L Non BME grad students who do BME research
oncampusalumni-L On Campus Alumni Manager Group
pcpa-L PCPA membership list
psacasess-L Replaced by hcm-acasess-l list.
psassetmgmt-L FSR Asset Mgmt users
psbillingar-L PeopleSoft AR & Billing users
psc-L Competitive Programming Club
pscomcor-L PeopleSoft Communication Coordinators
psexpense-L Replaced by fsr-expense-L
pshr-L Replaced by hcm-hr-l list.
psoperatingapprovers-L Replaced by fsr-operatingapprovers-L list
psprojects-L Projects users
psresearchapprovers-L ePro research account approvers
psscholar-L Replaced by hcm-scholar-l list.
pstl-L Replaced by hcm-tl-list.
Qgroup-L Seismic attenuation interest group
rsa-L Residence Student's Association Mailing List
sator-L Academic Association discussion list
schulichschools-L Consortium of Named Schulich Schools in Canada
scmuser-L SCM users (includs all users with SCM roles)
scum-L Society of Undergraduate Mathematics - Calgary
security-alerts-L Extra recipients for security alerts
sftibet-L SFT Mailing list
skiclubexec-L U of C Ski & Board Club Executives
stremes-l Network Music Performance
students-postdoc-iii-l Students & Postdocs III
sumc-l Society of Undergraduate Mathematics - Calgary
summer-students-research-seminar-L Summer Students Research Seminar
syneme-L Syneme Lab
taylorinstitutesubscribers-L Taylor Institute Subscribers
ucambassadors-L UofC Ambassadors
ucr-L U of C Robotics
ucrc-L U of C Red Cross Club Mailing List
uss-L Sanctioned University Club
verbatim-L Verbatim club members
vitamed-L Members mailing list for Vita in Medicina (VitaMed) student club
wcm-steering-L Web Content Management: Steering Committee

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