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>From the Department of Computer Science:


The Department of Computer Science is taking part of an innovative program from Silicon Valley
called the Technovation Challenge <http://iridescentlearning.org/programs/technovation-challenge/>
which teaches girls how to write an app for a mobile phone and thus get them interested in the
technology sphere. 


 <http://iridescentlearning.org/programs/technovation-challenge/> Technovation Challenge  has
received tremendous support in the Valley from luminaries such as Padmasree Warrior, CTO Cisco,
Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo, Freda Kapor-Klein, Ben Horowitz etc. matches the female students with
mentors who are women in professional roles. Together they work through an online curriculum
<http://iridescentlearning.org/programs/technovation-challenge/2013-curriculum/> which is similar to
a mini-MBA focused on creating an app, by defining a problem, understanding how the app solves the
problem, understanding the customer need, market size, competition etc.  Thus these girls are
exposed to the whole business life cycle of creating a mobile app. At the end of the 12 weeks, the
girls participate in a regional pitch competition after which the finalists come to Silicon Valley
for the World Pitch competition.


This 12-week program (2 hours per week)  will start in February 2014 and we invite you to spread the
word to 1st/2nd year female undergraduates in your faculty.

Interested students should send an email to meawang at ucalgary.ca 


Thank you!

Mea Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Science

University of Calgary


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