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Fri Mar 2 15:27:06 MST 2012

Hi Clubs,


As I'm sure many of you are aware, all of the major banks now offer
paperless/electronic bank statements that you can either receive as a PDF or
open up through online banking. We have noticed that the large majority of
mail received for clubs are bank statements, most of which are never picked
up or even opened.


In the spirit of sustainability, I have compiled the website links to BMO,
RBC, and TD Bank (the three banks that offer UofC SU Bank accounts) for
instructions on how to switch over to paperless statements. Besides the
benefit of reducing paper waste, it also takes away from the time of
checking your mail or coming to the office to pick it up from us (don't
worry, you can still visit usJ).


This is a completely optional suggestion; I realize that many clubs for any
reason might want to keep a paper statement each month. But for clubs who
don't regularly check their bank account, say if you haven't had many big
purchases this month, it would be really handy to check from your phone,
laptop, and print as you see fit.


See below for the links and let me know if you have any questions!








Tsering Asha Leba

Assistant, Student Organizations


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