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Miss Representation 


"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they do not
have any."

-Alice Walker

CalgaryWe've all heard it... Seen it... Internalized it...Externalized it. 

Women in the mass media.  In advertising, films, televisions shows, video
games, music, magazines, the list goes on. Sex sells. 

Yet to what extent does this 'optimal' profit producer, in actuality, halt
the development of a lucrative society? 

Miss Representation is a documentary with a new edge to a familiar idea.
Instead of repeating what we already know about the sexualization of women
in the mass media, Miss Representation informs the populace that the viewing
of women as intellectual, influential leaders has inexhaustible benefit to
profit levels, public forum and pioneering ideas. It is proven that
institutions with a healthy mix of women and men collaborate on notably
higher level in the development of novel ideas. The divergence in the
psychology of the sexes is noticeable when analyzing problem solving
procedures.  When the sexes are separated, innovation is limited; when
intertwined, it is complementary and bankable.  

You are invited to attend a screening at the University of Calgary.


Where: That Empty Space in MacEwan Hall


When: March 7th, 2011. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.



Please contact Tsering Asha Leba at 403-975-5914 or lebatse at gmail.com if you
have any further questions.




The Miss Representation Team at the University of Calgary



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