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Hello Fellow University Clubs,


My name is Robert and I am with an arts club called "Act to Inspire". We are
hoping to plan a large fund-raising event that will be a collaboration of
all sorts of UofC student clubs into one large festival. Act to Inspire is
looking for clubs interested in collaborating together to create this event.
At the moment all plans are unconfirmed however here is a list of assumed


Name: TBD


Location: TBD


Tentative Date: March 24, 2012 likely during the evening



We hope to raise a lot of money so that we can donate the total to a charity
agreed upon by all participating clubs. In addition we hope to bring
children from "Kids Up Front" to enjoy the festival and watch the
performances. After we will ask the children if they are interested in
learning any of the performing arts they have seen (Assisting Act to Inspire
with our mission to teach children at risk performing arts we love to do)



The event will be a festival type event in which various clubs and sponsor
companies can set up booths in a large area. There will be a main stage in
which approximately 5 - 30 minute segments (depending on your act) will be
assigned to any interested performers and clubs. A smaller area with booths
will be set up to provide entertainment between stage performances.

The combination of booths and performances will create a fun and
entertaining festival atmosphere that will give students a chance to
interact and get to know other SU club members.


Types of Booths:


    * Club advertising booths - Similar to clubs week, clubs may be given
the opportunity to have an information booth

    * Culinary booths - Culinary artists can sell their creations and choose
to have portions of their earnings go to charity

    * Merchant booths - Artists and designers can sell their products
(paintings, drawings, crafts, clothing, jewellery, accessories, etc.) and
choose to have portions of their earnings go to charity

    * Company sponsor booths - Sponsors will be given the opportunity to set
up information booths



Need clubs for:


    * Performance: Performing arts clubs or performing artists

    * Event Planning: Create a large planning committee

    * Advertising: Clubs to create advertisements and spread the word

    * Sponsorships: Help bring in lots of sponsors



Types of Entertainment:


    * Dancers

    * Singers

    * Magic

    * Musicians

    * Drama/Theater

    * Models



If you are interested, please send an email to me at
act.to.inspire at gmail.com by Feb.3. Upon your email we can schedule a quick
meeting to plan out your contribution. On behalf of Act to Inspire, I look
forward to your responses - with your contributions I know we will be able
to make this a success!




Robert Wong


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