[Stremes-l] Artsmesh: network music

Kenneth Fields kfields at ucalgary.ca
Thu Jul 6 20:55:54 MDT 2017

Hi all,
please forgive the spam.
I’ve been working on Artsmesh the last 3 years in China.
We just lost our funding here. So I’m trying to do a startup in Santa Barbara.
Help us keep developing Artsmesh by voting for us here:

https://tech.co/vote-startup-west-pacific-santabarbara <https://tech.co/vote-startup-west-pacific-santabarbara>

Forward to your friends.

If anyone would like to participate in a larger piece we’re doing
next fall, please contact me. You just need one or two sparse loops.

http://artsmesh.com <http://artsmesh.com/> 

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