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Kenneth Fields kfields at ucalgary.ca
Mon Nov 30 17:18:48 MST 2015

Hi Helen,
The extra headroom of university grade networks (1gig) mostly helps
with multiple HD video streams. Stereo uncompressed audio can
be done on less than 10M (up and down) with one or two people.

However, I assume your feeling of being bandwidth challenged is 
not just about paying for a premium bandwidth package yourself,
but that your practice is based around audience participation
and the low-data server based platform you guys developed -
as well as the aesthetic that emerged as a consequence. 

We all have different situations. CERNET2 in China (china edu research 
network) is ipv6 only. I’m ’stuck' on next generation networks without
much of a real internet (blocked). So my practice is heavily P2P
with whoever can negotiate IPV6 upgrades with their IT depts. 

Anyway, we’re probably just around the corner from ubiquitous
ipv6 1 gig bandwidth for everyone - thanks to google fibre pushing
the competition. Then in the future, we can all get nostalgic remembering
how we could possibly have survived in the good old days with only 1 pitiful 
gig of bandwidth - when data crawled along at a speed significantly 
slower than the speed of light.


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