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helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Tue Dec 1 13:49:33 MST 2015

hi ken (& list),
yes indeed, audience accessibility has always been very important for us
with UpStage; for a long time we had artists & audiences who were on
dial-up & had no possibility to get broadband where they lived - & now
we get people on unstable mobile networks, which is another story.

& our streaming is also at the low end of things; we have just had a
show that had 4 webcams streaming together through UpStage, & we did (as
always) have some issues with lag but apart from that it functioned
pretty well. not HD, nor stereo uncompressed audio, but creative
communication :)

helen : )

On 1/12/15 1:18 48AM, Kenneth Fields wrote:
> Hi Helen,
> The extra headroom of university grade networks (1gig) mostly helps
> with multiple HD video streams. Stereo uncompressed audio can
> be done on less than 10M (up and down) with one or two people.
> However, I assume your feeling of being bandwidth challenged is 
> not just about paying for a premium bandwidth package yourself,
> but that your practice is based around audience participation
> and the low-data server based platform you guys developed -
> as well as the aesthetic that emerged as a consequence. 
> We all have different situations. CERNET2 in China (china edu research 
> network) is ipv6 only. I’m ’stuck' on next generation networks without
> much of a real internet (blocked). So my practice is heavily P2P
> with whoever can negotiate IPV6 upgrades with their IT depts. 
> Anyway, we’re probably just around the corner from ubiquitous
> ipv6 1 gig bandwidth for everyone - thanks to google fibre pushing
> the competition. Then in the future, we can all get nostalgic remembering
> how we could possibly have survived in the good old days with only 1
> pitiful 
> gig of bandwidth - when data crawled along at a speed significantly 
> slower than the speed of light.
> Ken 
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